Celebrating Women In The South

Dr Tanita Seejarim

I started the Chiropractic Mobility Clinic in August 2016 at the new Aspen Medical Centre.

My slogan “Performance without Restriction” is descriptive of what I do. This entails creating individualised treatment with the outcome of reducing pain, improving mobility and general wellness.

Since childhood I was intrigued by the workings of the human body. I always dreamt of following a career in the medical fraternity. I chose to become chiropractor because of its holistic healing approach.

Dr Tanita Seejarim

The body has its own ability to heal itself with chiropractic care facilitating that process. As such I was fortunate enough to land in a career of my choice.

I studied at the University of Johannesburg and graduated Cum Laude at the age of 23. In addition to this I am currently furthering my studies to become more specialised. I consider it important to continuously educate yourself to stay up to date with medical advancements and provide the best care you can for your patients.

My mentor has always been my mum who taught me many life lessons such as how important it is as a women to be independent, and to always be positive and never give up.

This gave me the courage and confidence to start my own practice immediately after graduation. In doing so I have encountered challenges such as managing business acumen but, as with everything in life, patience and perseverance helped me to overcome these challenges.

As a young female entrepreneur I encourage all young women to boldly pursue their dreams.

Dr Seejarim can be found at 1 Madison Avenue, Aspen Lakes, Mulbarton.

Visit her website www.mobilityclinic.co.za or contact her on 061 384 7066.

Dominique Byrne

Before opening a Goldwagen franchise outlet in 2004 together with two other family members, Dominique Byrne was a teacher.

“In a male dominated industry I wanted to prove to people that a woman could make it work and I decided to employ more female staff members. Some men don’t think that women know much about cars. They often ask to speak to a male staff member. We have a female saleswoman who has top knowledge.”

Goldwagen Southdale provides a service for customers that can’t always afford agent prices.

Dominique Byrne

We will do anything in our power to source the spare part you need to get the job done right. Customers don’t realise that we stock not only German replacement parts, we stock parts for Toyota, Renault as well as limited stock for Ford and Mazda vehicles. We also stock a range of body spares upon request.

My message to women is to start your venture earlier. Even if you feel you don’t have enough money to start, just remember you never will, so take the plunge now.

When starting out, we did encounter challenges like building customer integrity as customers struggled to believe that we could uphold a 12 month warranty on our parts. We were the 22nd Goldwagen franchise branch to open in the whole country and now there is a total of 97 branches but only two others have female ownership. Contact us today – we women get things done.

011 433-9200 | www.goldwagenjhb.co.za | SOUTHDALE SHOPPING CENTRE BEHIND CALTEX & OPPOSITE KFC

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Sinikiwe Muradzikwa

Kinston Academy has been running for 18 years now. Although it has always been a crèche they now have a primary school within the same premises.

Sinikiwe Muradzikwa has been the principal since she joined the school five years ago.

“If you pay attention to our industry, even parents will confirm that they are more comfortable with their children going to crèches and schools where women run the business and classes, especially the foundation phases,” says Sinikiwe.

“The women in our school treat the school as a home – they show love and care to all the children and treat them as their own.

Sinikiwe Muradzikwa

I love teaching and I love children! I have been working in this industry for 18 years now.

I produce results, I get fully involved with the children as if they are my own. Every now and again, I head a class and the children always look forward to my next class too!

I love moving into a space and making a difference. When I joined Kinston Academy, we were a nursery school and I initiated the idea to have a primary school within the same premises as we had always dreaded sending our little children away to start primary school somewhere else.

I would love to see more women in politics. I also wish to see women getting empowered and sharing equal wealth with men in the same positions. I would like a safer world for women where we can all be respected and treated equally.”

87 Vorster Avenue, Glenanda, 2091 | Tel: 011 682-3909 Cell: 074 557 7912 (Sinikiwe)

Pat Van In

Everything we do is for the benefit and education of the children we teach.he women at Mulbarton Remedial School are strong, resilient and love what they do. This forms the ethos of the school.

Although I once wanted to study veterinary science, it was through my love of children that I was drawn to teaching. While I absolutely love teaching, I did not excel in school as a student and hated high school.

Running a school and teaching is demanding but the rewards are priceless. Being part of our children’s learning and growth as individuals and helping them succeed in so many areas is so worthwhile.

I love being able to sow into the lives of children as they amaze and astound you every single day.

Pat Van In

Our parents know that I am on their child’s side and everything we do at school is based on what is in the child’s best interest at that point in their education.

Great teachers are found everywhere. You know them by studying their lives as they teach through example, such as John C Maxwell, Ernest Shackleton and Nelson Mandela, who are role models who have inspired me.

My message to the women of South Africa is to dream big, find your passion in life, and then put your efforts, energy and talents towards reaching your dream. Never give up on your dreams and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Contact Pat on 011 432 6272 or visit her at  34 Kirby Beller Road, corner of Bellairs Drive, Mulbarton.

Dr Roshni Makan

Since 2004 I have been self-employed as an optometrist and I currently own two practices and one satellite practice.

In June 2016, I joined Vision Works/Dischem Vision which was one of the best decisions in my life. We are the first Vision Works/Dischem Vision Optometrists in the South of Johannesburg.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I have always wanted to be an owner of my own business one day.

I worked for the first two years after obtaining my degree, for private, hospital and franchised practices to gain experience in the industry.

I have always envisioned myself to be an employer instead of an employee, thus my decision to open my own practice back in 2004. Like all start-up businesses there are ups and downs, irrespective of industry, but if I had to single out the main challenge when I started out, it would have to be the difficulty in gaining patients trust as I was still young at the time.

Dr Roshni Makan

We are somehow programmed to associate trust directly with age, and that sometimes seems unfair to our younger generation. The age old concept of “too young to have sufficient experience, and at the same time insufficient experience to qualify for the job” comes to mind. There were lots of heartache and tears on the way, but definitely all worth it at the end.

There are a few things that makes me love what I do. These include my team. Without these ladies this job would not be as emotionally rewarding as it is. A huge thank you to all of them, I really appreciate all your efforts and what they do for me and the business. Those moments when I am able to assist patients with “outside of the norm” conditions and our patient support that forms the backbone of any successful business.

Women, this is our time to shine and prosper. Anything is achievable and with the right determination, attitude and support you will reach your peak. We as women should empower each other.

Life’s a beautiful journey…enjoy the ride.

Shop G130, Mall Of The South, Cnr Swartkoppies and Kliprivier Drive, Aspen Hills. Tel: 011 682-2601


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