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What to do in a mall robbery

The number of armed robberies at malls has highlighted the importance of knowing what to do to stay safe in the case of a mall robbery.

Garden club meetings

Whilst you may water with a hand-held hose or use a sprinkler system, the hours that you may water this way are from 6pm to 6am.

Fun for the whole family

All proceeds will go towards sterilisation, vaccination and outreach programmes for Cause 4 Paws.

VIDEO: Singer from Alberton leaves Idols

Britney is now focusing on her studies and is writing exams, but this hasn’t stopped her from organising a charity event to raise funds for children’s homes.


Thaba cleans up its area

The team was ready with their gloves on and bin bags in hand as they made their way to Impala Road and Kliprivier Drive to clean up.