Danger lurks even on holiday: Be safe in a foreign country

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JOHANNESBURG – According to Wikihow, while being in a foreign country may be fun, there is always danger abroad, just as there is danger at home.

All visitors from any country should learn what the dangers are in foreign countries and how to protect themselves no matter how sure they are that they are safe.

There is always the possibility that something can go wrong, so, as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Whether by yourself or with family or friends, safety is important. Keep in mind the following pointers to make your next foreign trip as safe and as hassle-free as possible.

Research the country you are going to before you go.

The best and fastest way of researching is to search on the Internet for legal information and things you should know well in advance of traveling to that country.

View travel advisories from reputable sources such as the US, UK, and Australian governments, and take note of any potential issues you may encounter. A streetwise traveller should also know emergency numbers, and at least a bit of the language (like the word for “help”). Also find out places to avoid, like alleys, bad neighbourhoods and red light districts. Your government may have resources available to travellers that will outline what you need to be prepared for.

Know the local customs.

There are many gestures that you may be accustomed with but that are frowned upon in other countries, where they may be seen as the opposite of their intention. For instance, the thumbs up “OK” sign that is used in much of the West is a nasty hand gesture in other countries such as Greece. Your travel agent should be able to help you with determining the customs you’re used to that might have the opposite effect in a different country.

Learn how the locals dress.

If the locals are dressed in a moderate way, you should dress the same. You don’t want to draw unwanted attention to yourself, especially at sites of religious importance.

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