The Glen Shopping Centre robbed

OAKDENE –  Three African men robbed the store and escaped in two getaway cars, a red Mazda Etude and a silver Audi. They took undisclosed amount of goods. No one was harmed in the robbery.

Residents have been posting comments on Facebook.

“We were at DisChem when they hit! Three guys ran through the centre and staff inside DisChem were shouting for customers to get down. Thankfully security at the various stores closed their shop doors. Scariest moment for us as we had our girls with us and we thought they had entered DisChem. That feeling of this is really happening and no where to hide our kids. Absolutely terrifying! It’s not just The Glen, all shopping centres are targets! Best to avoid late afternoon till closing shopping.”

“Avoid late afternoon and early mornings when stores are opening.”

“The Glen has been hit three times in recent weeks. I will avoid The Glen from now on. The safety of our families comes first and The Glen management have not taken any necessary or severe steps to make me feel safer to go and shop there. There are many ways to lower the risks of such robberies. They just don’t want to spend the money.

“All shopping centres by now should have been on high alert, but as usual nobody takes anything seriously until a life is lost.”“

“Absolutely shocking! How the hell are we supposed to go shopping tranquilly with our children if this is happening every other day! The police need to be seriously doing something about this now!

“I think it’s definitely the same gang every week.” . ……..

“I can’t understand how they are getting in and out without being caught? But I bet if I stole a phone they would catch me without a problem. I still think security is in on it”.

“This is so scary!  I was there just after five with my little grandchild.  I’m definitly not going to The Glen for a long time.”

“This is terrible. I also feel like boycotting The Glen. When you drive in there are camaras. How can no one get a registration number?”!

“This is getting out of control now!”.

“I’m alone at The Glen almost twice or thrice a week with my 13 month old baby. Serious security measures should be taken as this centre. People’s lives are at risk.”

Julie Maule
News Editor

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