Revival City hosts maths workshop

REVIVAL City College would like to share some news with the community about their recent mathematics workshop and spring celebration.

Mathematics workshop

Revival City College staff once again hosted a workshop to equip their learners’ parents with new skills.

The mathematics workshop, which was run by skilled math teachers, was greatly appreciated by those who attended. Misty Hutchins, deputy principal of Revival City College, explained why the foundation blocks for understanding, learning and loving mathematics are so important.

“Revival City College aims for their future high school to be a mathematics- and science-focused college,” said Misty.

Celebrating Spring

Revival City College learners celebrated spring by planting vegetable and flower seeds, as the school acknowledges the importance to sow back into the environment.

The school is also excited to announce, in partnership with the Department of Agriculture, learners will run a vegetable garden which will be used to support a baby house, children’s home and unemployed community members.

Learners will not only be acquiring the sustainable skill of growing food, they will also be learning to give back to the community.

Revival City College will be hosting more workshops such as the mathematics workshop. Should you wish to attend it, or if you have any questions about the school, please contact 087 630 1017 for more information.

GARDENING SKILL: Young learners had a great learning experience planting their own flowers.

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