Stepping Stone Hospice learning centre hosts informative event

THE newly established Stepping Stone Hospice Centre for Palliative Learning (CPL) was recently invited to give a one-hour introduction and overview on loss and bereavement to 75 medical students currently on the Moshal Scholarship Programme.

Established in 2009 by Martin Moshal, the Moshal Scholarship Programme currently provides scholarships to over 909 Moshal scholars in Israel, South Africa and Ukraine to enable determined young people from challenging backgrounds to attend the top universities in their home countries.

Moshal scholars and alumni from all around South Africa met for the annual Moshal Scholarship Programme event from August 31 to September 2 in Boksburg. The weekend was jam-packed with valuable workshops, team building challenges, networking and bonding with fellow members of the Moshal family.

“We consider the invitation to present an overview on loss and bereavement a huge feather in our cap and a vote of confidence in the training standards of our newly formed CPL,” said Sonia Thomson, head of human resources at Stepping Stone Hospice and Care Services.

Sonia assisted Fiona Shraga, one the CPL facilitators and trainers, in the presentation to the students. The session included topics of palliative care, grief and loss, bereavement and the difficult topic of breaking bad news.

For more information on the hospice’s CPL, kindly email Sonia on

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