Ongoing water leak in Mulbarton

RESIDENTS of Mulbarton are still disgusted by the amount of water being wasted because of a broken water meter on the corner of Saron and Meerlust roads in Mulbarton.

Drivers from the informal taxi rank on the corner of Saron and True North Road daily take water from the leaking meter for use at the taxi rank.

The incident was reported to Ward 23 Clr Sarah Wissler, who said she has contacted Joburg Water to come and have a look at the problem.

“Unfortunately the taxi drivers will keep coming and taking water from here, as they don’t have any other access to clean water. Last year I asked for a tap to be put onto the meter so they could easily take water. As far as I understand it was fixed, but after a short time it was tampered with and broken again, causing it to continue leaking,” Wissler said.

“The water runs down Saron Road continually because of this,” said a resident. “It it such a waste of a precious commodity. On the one hand we are all told to be careful with the water we use, while on the other hand this is happening.”

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