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NO TIME TO WASTE: Clr Sarah Wissler aims to keep her ward tops!

IF you’re a resident in Ward 23, you may be thinking that long grass is a problem – but not for long. Ward Councillor Sarah Wissler has never been one to let the grass grow under her feet.

She’s making it her priority to keep in contact with the various City entities involved in grass cutting – and has already had meetings with City Power, Pikitup, City Parks and Zoo, Jo’burg Water and Johannesburg Roads Agency.

“I would like my ward to be the best, look the best and give the best,” said Clr Wissler, as she spoke about her plans for the next few months. “Where I can, I’ll try and assist residents – giving them the correct information and contact numbers, where they’ll be able to reach authorities when they wish to report municipal problems. If they don’t react in good time, then I’ll be able to assist by escalating any unresolved issues,” she added.

The CHRONICLE asked her what the major issues are surrounding the City’s service delivery and she explained what she’s been up to recently.

“I’ve raised some issues with the MMC for Infrastructure, Anthony Still – and with his assistance, I think we’re going to make headway with some of the problems in my ward.

“Pikitup has staff shortages. I visited the Southdale Depot and was told that since staff members have left, they haven’t been replaced. Furthermore, many of the trucks aren’t being repaired, months after breaking down. Problems with waste collection can be logged at 011 375 5555 – and then forwarded to me, with the reference number.

“The main problem with issues that fall under City Power, is street lights that aren’t on – or are on during the day. I would like to ask residents to contact me, via email (address at the bottom of the article) and report street lights which aren’t working – and then I can report the matter. They need to provide the exact street address and if possible, the pole number(s). Most City Power problems can be logged online with

“City Parks are very understaffed. Region F should have 65 staff members and presently they only employ 21, with contractors assisting. Long grass in Donington Park and Bellairs Drive, should be cut next week. I’m appealing to local garden services to contact me if they can offer to adopt a small park – and cut the grass every few weeks to keep it looking tidy. Problems with parks, street trees and green spaces can be logged with City Parks on 011 375 5555 and then forwarded to me, with the reference number,” she added.

Joburg Water is constantly addressing burst water pipes and leaks, but residents need to report a burst water pipe as soon as possible, by phoning the Jo’burg Water call centre on 011 618 1699 or emailing them on [email protected].

With regard to sewer leaks, every six months teams use a device with a cutting mechanism which cuts roots that get into the sewage pipes. Residents need to be mindful about what they put down their toilets – they should not dispose of disposable nappies, sanitary towels, baby wipes and condoms down the toilets. These items are among the worst offenders for blocking water pipes. Sewage problems can be logged at the above Joburg Water contacts.

“Where Johannesburg Roads Agency is concerned, it’s interesting to note Region F services 19 wards and covers 1 489 kilometres of roads. In Ward 23 alone there are 215 kilometres of road, 72 245 metres of storm water pipes and culverts, 1 111 kerbs and manholes, 26 bridges, 20 traffic signals and 519 intersections. To log JRA issues, please send an email to [email protected].

“To make Ward 23 the best and cleanest, we all need to work together. If you look out over a piece of veld which is overgrown, don’t just sit back and complain – take an extra hour if you have it to spare and cut the grass directly in front of you. This will have a positive effect in keeping the residential areas looking neat and clean. If you see missing manhole covers or storm water drains, please log them first and then send me the details. Together we can really clean up our ward,” she said.

Contact details

Email: [email protected]

Water[email protected], 011 688 1699, @jhbwater, @citypowerjhb

Roads JRA[email protected], @myjra

Pikitup – 011 375 5555 (get a ref and then escalate via your Clr), @cleanerjoburg

City Parks – 011 375 5555 (get a ref and then escalate via your Clr), @joburgparkszoo.

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